G-Floor® Drip & Dry Absorbent Flooring in Garage

G-Floor® Drip and Dry Absorbent Flooring is taking the lead in unique and innovative garage flooring. How does it compare to its competitor? We read hundreds of reviews... Here are the findings!

1. Lays Flat Instantly

G-Floor® Drip & Dry Mats ship and arrive to your home on a roll- allowing the mat to roll-out and lay flat instantly! Competitive mats ship folded creating wrinkles and creases that according to reviews, “don’t come out”.  The majority of people reported that the wrinkles made it hard for them to drive their car on and could also be a huge tripping hazard. 


2. Strong and Durable

Drip & Dry Garage Flooring is constructed of a 40 mil thick 100% vinyl base with wick-away fiber technology top. G-Floor® uses premium materials that hold up over time and ensure your garage floor is protected. Drip & Dry mats absorb fluids and disperse them for quick drying. On the contrary, the competitor’s version is crafted with what claims to be rubber and recycled polyester. Buyers then reported that the mat is much thinner than advertised. It wasn’t waterproof as displayed and they experienced liquids seeping through the mat causing damage to their subfloors. 


3. Safe on Surfaces

No matter what type of subfloor, G-Floor® Drip & Dry Mats won’t damage them! They are safe on painted, sealed, stained, and epoxy floors. Competitive mats are NOT safe on painted, sealed, or epoxy floors. The rubber backing reacts causing the mat to stick, or according to buyers, “melt” to their subfloor leaving a mess. Advertised as a waterproof mat, competitive mats allow oil and other liquids to seep through ruining floors.   


4. Stays in Place

Gone are the days of constantly adjusting your mat! G-Floor® Drip & Dry Mats stay PUT. Their subtle weight allows them to stay in place under vehicle traffic without any adhesive necessary. The same can’t be said for competing brands… Competitive mats are too thin and flimsy. They shift under vehicles, your feet, and just about everything else- requiring double sided tape. 


5. Multi-Purpose

Bang for your buck! G-Floor® Drip & Dry Flooring is reversible. The 2-in-1 mat can be flipped over to provide solid vinyl, waterproof flooring. You guessed it… The competitive mats are NOT reversible.


6. Easy to Clean

No matter which side of G-Floor® Drip & Dry is face up, cleaning is easy with a hose, vacuum, soap and water, or power wash. Because of competitors’ paper-thin makeup, vacuuming and power washing is difficult.


With a winning combination of superior quality and unmatched durability, the choice is clear. G-Floor® Drip & Dry Absorbent Flooring outshines the competition! Elevate your floor today and choose the solution that lives up to the harsh conditions of your garage! Shop today at gfloor.com