Blue Mustang on Slate Grey vinyl flooring

Proud to be Made in USA

G‑Floor is committed to excellence, and this pledge becomes reality within the American Midwest. Headquartered and manufactured in the state of Kansas, G-Floor is an American company that strives to achieve innovation, quality, and reliability at all stages.

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Car on Midnight Black Levant parking pad

Levant Stands Out

The Levant texture is subtle and leather-like up close, but its eye-catching pattern appears when standing just a few feet away. This unique aspect of Levant adds visual appeal to any space.

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Get That Showroom Look

Imaged Parking Pads feature a classic black-and-white checkerboard pattern that draws attention to your prized vehicle. Available in 10' x 20' for vehicles or 5' x 10' for motorcycles and golf carts. Black and red borders available.

Car tire on Imaged Parking Pad
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Tips and Tricks

Cutting or trimming G-Floor vinyl flooring is easy! Use a straightedge and sharp utility knife to make multiple, shallow cuts. If you're cutting around a tricky contour and a straightedge isn't helpful, try "scribing" where you want to cut by tracing it with an awl or knife. This will help guide your blade for a cleaner cut.

Person using awl to scribe vinyl flooring


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I do if there's a drain in the middle of my garage floor?

A: You have a few options. You can use a utility knife to cut around the drain, or you can use a 1/4" spade bit to drill holes (from the underside) directly over the drain. If you're planning a permanent installation with adhesive, you can cut a hole slightly smaller than the drain and use longer screws to screw the drain cover on top of the mat.