December 2022 G‑Floor Newsletter

Are You Still Searching for Gifts?

Thanks to a variety of new products, we can help you be the hero this year. There's a G‑Floor® product to fit your gearhead's garage, your pet's playpen, your triathlete's treadmill, and more!

See what G‑Floor® recommends this holiday season:.

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Stoic and slobbery

Petite and Powerful

Sometimes, a space calls for a more subtle touch. These Dog Crate, Cage, and Kennel Mats are sized to fit underneath the most common kennel sizes and make cleanup easy. Waterproof vinyl construction protects your floor from slobber or messes that might splash outside of the crate.

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Clearly a Good Idea

Sometimes, you want the protection of a tough vinyl parking pad but you want to see the floor underneath. If you have an epoxy garage floor, hardwood, or decorative tile that you want to protect, try laying clear vinyl flooring on top of it. Available in Levant™, and Ribbed™ Channel Flooring® patterns.

Protect your investment and preserve your floor
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Red makes it go faster

A Timeless Style

You don’t need to own a luxury model, a rare classic, or even a race car to enjoy these sleek, high-performance garage floor coverings. Be the envy of the neighborhood with G-Floor® Imaged Parking Pads for every make and model!

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Tips and Tricks

Are you trying to achieve a "perfect" cut? Try drawing a line with a grease pencil after you measure. A metal straightedge will help guide your cut, and multiple smooth, steady cuts with a utility knife will achieve the best edge. You can cut your mat pattern-up or pattern-downsee which is easiest for you

Measure twice, cut twice


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will G-Floor® work on heated floors?

A: It most certainly will! G-Floor® works with heated and radiant heated floors. We recommend a fully adhered installation. Make sure to let your vinyl flooring acclimate to the heated floor before trimming and adhering.