February 2023 G‑Floor Newsletter

Ribbed™ Channel Flooring®

These raised grooves measure 65 mil (0.065 inches) that help contain spills to your vinyl floor mat while providing excellent slip-resistance. G‑Floor® vinyl flooring is waterproof and stain-resistant, keeping your subfloor safe from debris and runoff. The channels should run from the back of your garage to the garage door. Because vinyl is waterproof and not absorbent, cleaning up any rain or snow on the mat is very easy: a push broom makes quick work of cleaning Ribbed Channel Flooring.

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New and Improved

AquaTread is officially joining the G‑Floor® family as G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine. With increased UV resistance and the latest formulated technology, this product is designed for the elements. You can feel confident that it will withstand all seasons, from freezing temperatures in the winter, to direct sunlight in the summer. It's a great solution for a variety of applications.

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A wide variety is available

Plan Your Installation With Samples

Are you looking for a pronounced, rugged pattern like Coin™, or would you prefer the minimal Levant™ texture?

Preview how different G‑Floor® colors and patterns look and feel with individual samples.

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Style With Simplicity

G‑Floor® Outdoor & Marine's subtle and understated range of "Simplicity" patterns is great for discrete applications like decks, swim platforms, and outdoor shelters or sheds. Achieve a visual aesthetic similar to epoxy flooring with a significantly simpler installation.

G-Floor Outdoor & Marine Simplicity Patterns
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Don't let your golf cart rust

Stored But Not Forgotten

Even if your recreational vehicles are stored for the winter, they can still be at risk. You should protect your subfloor from oil, gas, tire marks, and dirt from the golf course, pathways, or street with a waterproof golf cart.

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Tips and Tricks

Your flooring will be shipped with a cardboard core so it keeps its shape in transit, but this inner tube can be an invaluable tool if you plan to temporarily store your flooring. G‑Floor® is easy to reposition, which makes it even easier to rearrange your space or clean under your mat.

It's as simple as 'unroll and go'


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens if I spill chemicals on my floor?

A: G-Floor® is resistant to most common garage, household, and commercial chemicals. It resists corrosives, salts, oils, gas, battery acid, brake fluid, antifreeze, detergents, and more. To maximize the longevity of your vinyl flooring, promptly clean up any spills.