ExpressPro Rapid Commercial Grade UV Disinfection Station

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The ExpressPro by PhoneSoap™ is a rapid, commercial grade UV disinfection station for busy work environments. Perfect for nursing homes, waiting rooms, store entrances, post-security terminals. Allows seamless work flow integration with shift changes, shared employee equipment and so much more...

ExpressPro consists of highly reflective, electroplated aluminum to provide 360-degree disinfection with 16 UV-C bulbs. In just 30 seconds, any device that fits inside will be sanitized. Eliminates 99.99%† of pathogens on phones and tablets such as: C. diffcile, MRSA, SARS-CoV-2, and Coronavirus 229E.

Key Features:
•Includes motion sensor for touchless operation offering easy, hands-free use
•Rapid 30 Second disinfection cycle
•Clinically tested 360-degree sanitation using proprietary PS Tech<
•Suspended by real quartz that won't interfere with UV-C transmission<
•Large enough for smart watches, credit cards, keys and more

† Testing was conducted in a laboratory setting on actual phones, Apple watch, headphones, credit cards and keys with specific pathogens. Real-world results may vary depending on size, shape, and material of phone or phone case.

Dimensions: Exterior 15.50" L x 4.5" W x 12.00" H
Dimensions: Interior 11.13" L x 1.75" W x 7.50" H
Power: Line 100-240V AC, Frequency 50Hz to 60Hz, Plug Type A
Voltage 12 V, Amperage 12.5A

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