Garage Door Threshold Keeps Moisture and Debris Out

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Color: Midnight Black
Size: 10'
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G-Floor® Garage Door Threshold Seal. Black in 3 lengths, 4 in wide, 0.44 in high, slanted edges.  For all kinds of doors. Easy cut, adhesive installation, 100% solid piece of polyvinyl keeps moisture and debris out.

For a better seal between garage floor and door, install one-piece, DIY G-Floor® Garage Door Threshold to keep debris, moisture and drafts from finding their way into your garage.

The G-Floor Garage Door Threshold Seal/Trim creates a solid, physical barrier against water, snow, dirt, leaves, pests and other unwanted elements. Because the seal is attached directly to the floor, you have a better, tighter seal to prevent wind from blowing contaminants into your garage space. It alleviates any gaps or cracks where there might be an uneven surface. As an added benefit, our innovative Threshold seal keeps air drafts from seeping under, reducing energy costs throughout the year.

G-Floor Garage Door Threshold Seal/Trim is easy to mount with the included adhesive. Just cut/trim for custom fit using a utility knife and a straight edge. (See our installation options and compatibility chart for other garage flooring accessories to finish off your garage project!)

Made in the USA of 100% polyvinyl, G-Floor Garage Door Threshold Seal/Trim stands up to adverse weather conditions and excessive wear without cracking or peeling. It is compatible with all kinds of doors and is available in 10ft, 16ft and 20ft lengths, so it’s the DIY solution to all your garage needs!

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