Snowy Tire Winter Garage

It’s almost that time of year when our cars no longer live in the driveway. They are pulled into the garage to avoid harsh winter weather. Is your garage ready for the winter? G-Floor® Garage Flooring helps protect your garage floors from all things cold and winter! Here’s why G-Floor® should be in your garage for winter!


G-Floor is designed to protect your floors from ALL elements

The stress your garage floor faces in the wintertime is no joke. Harsh chemicals like anti-freeze, road salt, battery acid, magnesium chloride, oil and more deteriorate concrete garage floors. Whether sealed or unsealed garage floors, G-Floor® mats roll out right on top and provide durable protection saving you money in costly repairs.


Easy to clean

After the snow and winter sludge has melted off your car, G-Floor® is extremely easy to clean. Push water out of your garage with a floor squeegee or spray down with a hose.  


Different textures to choose from

Any floor can become slippery when wet, G-Floor® has texture to provide added traction for a slip-resistant surface beneath your feet. Choose the pattern you like best for function and style:

  • Diamond Tread provides a rugged look and durability with the 75 Mil base and 130 Mil overall thickness.
  • Coin provides the same, durable 75 Mil base and a slightly lower profile raised Coin which is a great surface for commercial environments.
  • Small Coin offers a 60 Mil base with a smaller size Coin (3/4”) with a lower profile for easy rolling of creepers or toolboxes. The texture on the top of the coin adds traction.
  • Levant flooring offers a debossed pattern, similar to leather. The 55 Mil overall thickness is smooth and easy to walk on.
  • Ribbed, at 55 Mil, is extremely functional for channeling the melted snow rain that drips off of your vehicle and routing the fluid out of the garage.
  • And, the newest pattern, Ceramic, 50 Mil in smaller sizes and 75 Mil in larger sizes, has just enough texture for traction, but is extremely versatile and very easy to clean so it is perfect for use in a hallway, kitchen, laundry room, showroom or garage.

Concrete garage floors expand and contract during cold weather seasons causing the floor to crack. G-Floor® can be installed directly on top to protect from further damage! Get your garage ready before it’s too late and check out the entire line at!