When It Comes to Your Boating Enjoyment, 100% Polyvinyl G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine Flooring Matters

Specially-engineered without layers, fillers and laminates commonly used in other vinyl flooring, G‑Floor® Outdoor & Marine resists water above and below its surface for years of fun in the sun.

Better Life Technology recently returned from the IBEX marine show in Tampa, Florida, where they exhibited G‑Floor® Outdoor & Marine vinyl flooring. As an exhibitor, they received many questions regarding the difference between our 100% polyvinyl waterproof flooring and woven fabric flooring. Here’s why G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine vinyl flooring matters to the marine industry, OEMs, and individual boaters.

The leading ultra-durable and seamless marine flooring, G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine, is installed on boats around the world for good reason.
Although boating enthusiasts reap many benefits with our 100% polyvinyl marine flooring, one of the most endearing qualities of G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine is its waterproof construction. Proudly made in the USA, G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine is engineered differently from other vinyl flooring. We don’t use thin layers that breakdown more quickly, tear more easily, and are often more brittle and rigid. Our flooring is 100% solid polyvinyl. As a result of the solid, seamless polyvinyl construction of G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine, it won’t puncture, crack, peel, chip or snag from fish hooks, and that means water can’t penetrate above or below your flooring. Live free from worries about mold or mildew damage because your substrate is protected from spills and wood rot. Even power washing won’t harm or break down the polyvinyl of G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine!
Another unique trait of G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine is the striking appearance and superior customization options.
G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine is available in a wide range of colors and patterns, with new patterns releasing all the time. G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine is UV stable and images are printed underneath our 100% polyvinyl, not on top or in between like competitors, so your flooring will retain its beauty and color even with long-term water and sun exposure.
That's not all—G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine is manufactured with a spun bound backing that is easy to roll out and install and custom fit to any length of boat.
The polyvinyl surface is non-porous making clean up of common boating spills a breeze, even oil, gas and chemicals. G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine keeps fish and marine smells at bay too. Our low maintenance polyvinyl flooring is slip-resistant and flame retardant for added boating safety. With over 22 colors, patterns, and custom options available, G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine provides a luxurious touch to your pontoon without the expense and maintenance of real wood or leather.

You’ll spend more time doing what you love in your boat with high-performing, long-lasting, head-turning G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine vinyl flooring!