2023 G-Floor® New Years Resolutions

2023 is HERE! There’s no better time to start a new hobby or achieve a new goal than the beginning of the year! Hold yourself accountable and let G-Floor® help ring in the new year! 

Here are three New Year’s Resolutions G-Floor® can help you fulfill in 2023! 


1. Exercise and Fitness  

Exercise related goals are one of the most talked about New Year’s Resolutions. From running a marathon to lifting a new personal record, a healthy lifestyle is key to being happy. G-Floor® Exercise Equipment Mats help protect your floors so the only thing you need to worry about is your workout. Treadmills, weight racks, ellipticals, stationary bikes and other heavy equipment cause wear and tear on hardwood, tile, carpet, etc. By placing a repositionable G-Floor® mat underneath your equipment, you eliminate damage and costly repairs. Go ahead, run the extra mile without worrying about your floors!   

Tip: Creating a home gym is easy with G-Floor® Exercise Equipment Mats. No matter the size of the space, you can use larger Ceramic Flooring to cover the whole area or use individual equipment mats to protect existing flooring. 


2. Organization: Cleaning the garage and KEEPING it clean. 

Getting organized also lands a spot as one of the top 10 New Year’s resolutions. After the Holidays, it’s easy to load the garage up with clutter, old toys, and boxes of who knows what. Start the year off with an organized space that doesn’t act as a storage closet. First, unroll G-Floor® garage flooring to protect floors from water, harsh chemicals, scratches and more. The key to staying organized is making sure things have a home. If it doesn’t fit on the shelf or in the cabinet, then it doesn’t belong. Protect your floors and have a clean look with G-Floor® garage flooring.    


3. Learn a new skill: Riding a motorcycle 

Now, this isn’t for everyone, but if it’s always been a dream for you, now’s the time to learn! G-Floor® can't help you learn how to ride, but we can help you save your garage floors from debris after a long ride. Your motorcycle will certainly need a place to park, and G-Floor® provides just that- Motorcycle mats. The perfect sized mat for under your motorcycle to protect your floor from harsh road chemicals, oils, tire marks, scratches and more. Pull your motorcycle in after a long day with G-Floor®. All mats are 100% polyvinyl, waterproof, lightweight, repositionable, and extremely durable. 


Start the new year off right with a set goal, and let G-Floor® help you achieve it. Shop all universal mats at gfloor.com.