Now Is The Best Time for a Boat Refurbish Before Winter Storage

At G‑Floor®, we understand how hard it is to dock your pontoon for the season, even when the leaves and temperature start dropping. If you'e contemplating a boat remodel, there's no time like the present to give your vessel some love.

Why a Fall Boat Refurbish?

When longer, warmer, sunny days return, the first thing you want to do is take to the water. You won’t be in the mood to start a refurbishing job then. By completing boat updates now, you’ll reap all the benefits in spring and summer. Imagine taking your pontoon boat out of storage, admiring its beauty, and jumping right in.

First: Take Stock of What’s Broken, Deteriorated or What You Don’t Like

You may determine the job is just too big for one person or to accomplish before winter. In most cases, your boat renovation is probably more aesthetic than mechanical or structural. That’s good news for you and your budget. There are plenty of affordable, time-saving pontoon boat updates you can complete in a weekend or over a month’s time. Here are som quick ways to give your pontoon a makeover:

  • Install technology or electrical updates like LED lighting, stereo speakers, and smart devices.
  • Reupholster chairs, and recofigure or replace seating.
  • Add entertaining accessories like a waterslide, marine-grade BBQ grill, removable tables, or built-in cupholders.
  • Purchase a new bimini top or pontoon boat cover.
  • Tear up stained, moldy and ripped boat carpet or other outdated boat flooring.

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