Hemmings Motor News Touts G-Floor® Roll Out Garage Floor Mats

G-Floor® garage flooring received a rave review in the March 2019 issue of Hemmings Motor News. G-Floor vinyl flooring rolls were the only garage vinyl floor rolls to receive mention in this Hemmings issue as part of its Ultimate Home Garage series entitled “Setting Up A Working Garage.”

Hemmings Motor News, considered the "bible” of the collector car hobby since 1954, publishes a monthly magazine catering to traders and collectors of antique, classic and exotic sports cars. It is the largest and oldest publication of its kind in the United States.

The article outlines workshop transformations and garage floor ideas for classic car buffs to create a workspace suitable for restoring their vintage automobiles. As part of its “Outfitting Insights,” Hemmings writer Terry McGean provides garage flooring ideas that include epoxy coatings, roll out garage mats and garage flooring tiles.

McGean starts off by providing great reasons a functional workshop should include garage floor covers.

“Plenty of functional shops still have bare concrete underfoot, but from our experience, nothing transforms a cold, stark building like some sort of floor covering…

…“A bare concrete floor provides a solid foundation for getting work done but may not be the most attractive or inviting surface. Concrete can also stain from oil spills and other automotive fluid messes. Plus, from experience, we know that a shop with some sort of floor covering just seems like a more inviting place to set to work.”

Here’s where McGean mentions G-Floor garage flooring by name touting our long term durability and performance:

“An alternative to epoxy is garage floor matting, which usually comes as a simple roll-out product… We’ve had a section of G-Floor matting in one area of our shop for nearly a decade that is still in great shape.”

WOW! What a complement to know that Hemmings Motor News trusts G-Floor rollout flooring to cover sections of their own workshop. We love to hear that our G-Floor rollout garage floor mats still work and look great after 10 years of heavy use and heavy equipment.

How do we do it? It’s all in the way G-Floor rollout garage flooring is engineered and manufactured. G-Floor is constructed in the USA of 100% premium polyvinyl without any fillers, layers or laminates. The result is a solid, waterproof, stain-resistant product that doesn’t crack, tear, peel, split, curl, or otherwise deteriorate over time or under extreme conditions.  

Check out our array of colors, patterns, textures and sizes to meet your needs and look great doing it for the next decade and way beyond!