Spring Cleaning? Include Garage Organization and a Garage Makeover in Your Plans

Before tackling a garage clean up and a garage makeover project, you need to ask yourself a few important questions. What is my highest priority for the space? Do I want to park more than one car inside? Will there be extra space to set up a workshop area? Assess the space and prioritize. Once that’s determined, we recommend following this guide to the ultimate organized garage and dream garage makeover.

  1. Create a clean canvass by clearing everything out of the garage first. A clean slate gives you an idea of what you’ve got to work with. Use tarps and blankets in your driveway to lay everything out. If you are planning new paint for the walls, take this opportunity to roll on a new color while everything is outside.
  2. As you are pulling items out of the garage, start sorting by putting like items together. You can sort things seasonally, most used, less used, tools, decorations, sporting goods, automotive supplies, etc. You get the idea.
  3. Now it’s time to start purging! Decide what you want to keep, what you want to recycle, what you want to donate, what you might want to sell at a garage sale or on Craigslist, or what you want to throw away. If you run into problems, ask yourself: Do I love it? Do I need it? Have I used it in the last month, six months or a year? Would someone else use it more than I? Get rid of things that are broken or that you have too many duplicates of, and return items you might have borrowed and forgotten about. Make piles. Be ruthless because it’s about garage clean up and getting the garage organized!
  4. Choose a system/s to help you put back in an organized manner. Think about purchasing rolling tool carts, large plastic storage bins, hanging shelving, pegboards or modular floor shelves if you don’t already own any of these garage organization Visualize what items might be hung on the walls or even from the ceiling for that matter. The more stuff you can get up off the garage floor, the more area you will leave for parking and for working.
  5. Start putting items away in clearly marked storage areas. Clear plastic bins, clear drawers and wire baskets are helpful here because you can see what is inside. Be sure to keep often used items up front or within easy reach.

Now that you’ve got your garage looking amazing, the real fun begins. You can get creative putting the final touches on your garage makeover with garage floor finishes. G-Floor® garage flooring and workshop flooring is the DIY solution to beautify your old, ugly or cracked concrete garage floor while protecting it from further deterioration. G-Floor flooring for garages is so durable, it will last through the next garage organization, and the next garage makeover, and the next, and so on….