What are the Best Garage Floor Mats?

There’s Only One Answer: G-Floor® offers the best garage floor mats and the best garage floor protectors on the market today!

Why is G-Floor the best garage flooring?
G-Floor is considered the Gold Standard of garage flooring. After 20 years of manufacturing 100% premium polyvinyl rollout flooring, G-Floor is the world’s #1 garage floor protector. G-Floor started out protecting garage floors from deterioration, chemicals, corrosives, and grit and grime; the garage is the foundation from which our many other product lines developed.

Commercial-grade G-Floor is strong enough to drive a car on, yet is very attractive and comfortable underfoot. G-Floor garage floor mats and garage floor protectors resist automobile oils, acids and fluids, road salt, and other harmful chemicals.

With rugged textures such as Ribbed™, Diamond Tread™, Coin™ and Small Coin™, G-Floor channels and collects water, melting snow, road chemicals and other debris so your floor stays clean and protected.

What makes G-Floor different?
Manufactured in the USA and engineered differently than other vinyl flooring, G-Floor is solid polyvinyl through and through. That is an important difference between other garage floor mats and garage floor protectors. G-Floor doesn’t use fillers, layers or laminates in its construction which can lead other flooring to break down more quickly. As a result, G-Floor is the most durable, dependable, long lasting garage flooring available. It won’t crack, peel, tear, curl or fade, providing years of service under heavy use and under extreme weather conditions.

Is it easy to install and maintain?
That’s an emphatic YES! G-Floor is a DIYers dream garage floor protector. It simply rolls out and cuts with a household utility knife to trim and fit. Many customers use just one large garage floor mat as a car parking mat. A large number of G-Floor users prefer to cover their entire garage from wall-to-wall for unparalleled garage floor protection. For those wanting a more permanent install, G-Floor offers a variety of adhesives, tapes and trims to finish the look. It sure beats the preparation and wait times of epoxy coatings and paints, and G-Floor garage floor protectors last a whole lot longer, too.

And G-Floor cleans up in a snap. You can choose to take it out onto the driveway to hose off. Or simply use a broom, mop, some soap and water or vinyl safe cleaner.

Are there other advantages to choosing G-Floor?
You bet! Just take a look at these additional benefits offered by the #1 garage floor protector:

  • G-Floor protects substrate and hides flooring imperfections
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use – holds up to extreme temperature changes, snow, ice and mother nature’s other surprises
  • Resists automobile oils, acids and fluids, road salt, and other harmful chemicals
  • Waterproof, mold- and mildew-resistant
  • Slip-resistant
  • Cushions, insulates and reduces noise

Is G-Floor only for garage floors?
The best rollout garage flooring has made it out of the garage and into the indoors to cover the floors of homes, businesses, warehouses, mobile units and so much more. Because G-Floor comes in a variety of aesthetically-pleasing colors, patterns and multiple sizes, it is the top choice for utility rooms, basements, RVs and trailers, modular units, recreational spaces, retail outlets, and office, healthcare and educational buildings.

Now that you have found the best garage floor mats and the world’s #1 garage floor protector, what are you waiting for?