Exercise equipment on clear Ceramic vinyl flooring

Clear Flooring is Back!

Clear Ceramic and Ribbed parking pads are back in stock on GFloor.com. Clear is a popular choice to protect epoxy garage floors and floors in home gyms, and it's easy to see why. Made of the same tough G-Floor vinyl, this clear flooring lets the beauty of your floor show while providing impeccable protection. Available in 5' x 10', 7'6" x 17', and 10' x 24' sizes, clear vinyl flooring goes anywhere you need it to go.

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Top-Tier Trailer Flooring

Whether your trailer is open-air or enclosed, G‑Floor trailer flooring is the right choice for you. A high-quality fibrous backing combined with waterproof, durable G‑Floor vinyl creates a trailer flooring that's strong enough to withstand whatever you're hauling.

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Coin flooring installed in trailer


ATV on Sandstone Coin vinyl flooring

Large Coin

This pattern adds a professional and industrial look to any space. The raised "coins" add extra traction while the chemical-resistant vinyl material protects your floor from leaks and spills.

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Tips and Tricks

For a "minimalist" look, you can DIY some parking pads by trimming down a vinyl floor mat to fit the "footprint" of your car or truck. Save any trimmings or extra pieces for use in the garage or around the house. Get creative and use them as shelf liners, underneath plants, under the sink, or as a sink backsplash.

Clear flooring cut into parking pad for car


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do some flooring products have backing on them?

A: The fibrous backing on G-Floor Outdoor & Marine, shed flooring, and trailer & modular unit flooring is designed to help the vinyl adhere better to your subfloor. Any outdoor installation requires adhesive.