April 2023 G-Floor Newsletter

Make Your Floor Pet-Proof

We know you're ready for new pets, walks outside, and playtime, but is your floor ready? Between housebreaking "accidents," mud from outside, and claws on your hardwood or carpet, you need something tough to keep your floor safe.

G-Floor pet protectors are made of durable vinyl that can stand up to messes and more, with enough pattern, color, and size options to look great anywhere you put them.

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That's a good-looking shed

The Best Foundation For the Ultimate Shed

Between leaking engines, lawn clippings, paint splatters, and falling tools, your shed sees a lot of action. Extend the life of your shed with G‑Floor shed flooring, featuring a welded backing to improve adhesion to your subfloor. 

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5x10 mat

What Size Fits Your Space?

7'6" x 17' vinyl parking pads are perfect for covering the area beneath the average car. These are great at protecting your floor from drips, tire marks, and fluids.


More Breathing Room

If you're looking for a little more, the 8'6" x 22' size is for you. With a car on top, there's space for you to walk on and more mat to collect any runoff.

7.5 x 17 mat


8.5 x 22 mat

Maximum Coverage

The 10' x 24' size is best-in-class for large vehicles and wall-to-wall installations. The vinyl material is sturdy, but also easy to trim with a utility knife or heavy scissors for a custom fit.

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Make a Border For Your Car...

Use Garage Runners to cover the walkway between two cars. Alternatively, extend any size mat with one or two runners for a cost-effective solution.

7.5 x 17 mat


8.5 x 22 mat

...or The Whole Garage

Garage Runners are a great solution to catch debris from trash cans, lawn equipment, sports gear, and more.

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Tips and Tricks

When installing G-Floor vinyl with adhesive, fold your flooring on top of itself (lengthwise) while you apply adhesive to one half of the subfloor. This will help prevent "painting yourself into a corner" with adhesive.

Be very deliberate when using adhesive


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my wheeled tool chest have trouble rolling on top of the raised pattern?

A: The various patterns measure between 35 mil and 65 mil from the top of the base to the peak: that's about the thickness of one to two credit cards. The majority of wheels will roll just fine and larger casters will have an easier time rolling over the pattern.