G-Floor® for Pets - Large Area Ceramic Protective Floor Covering

Color: Slate Grey
Size: 7'6" x 17'
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Protect low pile carpet, hardwood, tile and other expensive floors from pet accidents, stains and scratches with this G-Floor® Ceramic mat for pets.

These pet floor protectors are sized to cover the floor beneath larger pet exercise areas or play pens. The material can also be easily trimmed to fit under litter boxes, dog crates or other pet shelters. These floor mats are completely waterproof to protect your floor from urine, water and any mud or dirt in your pets area.

Constructed of high quality polyvinyl, G-Floor® Ceramic pattern offers a semi-smooth texture that is comfortable to the touch. Suitable for play pens, exercise areas, under food and water bowls, kennels, crates, catteries, and any other area your pet may roam, these mats will protect your home floor from stains and scratches. It withstands years of harsh and heavy wear and tear. It is easy to clean with simple soap and water. Lightweight, no installation necessary and it's easily repositionable, this multi-purpose vinyl mat has unlimited uses!

The G-Floor® Ceramic flooring offers enough texture to help with traction. The clear mat adds interest to your flooring underneath.

  • Unroll to install; no adhesive necessary
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Waterproof
  • 100% extremely durable, premium vinyl
  • Protects your subfloor from deterioration
  • Slip-resistant
  • Versatile floor mat for use in garage, storage area, home and office
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Manufactured in the USA

Prop 65 warning triangleWARNING: This product can expose you to Antimony Oxide (Antimony trioxide), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

At GFloor.com your satisfaction is our highest priority. If for some reason you need to RETURN A NON-DEFECTIVE G-FLOOR® ITEM that is not related to a warranty issue, we offer an easy 30-Day Money Back Guarantee*. To expedite your process, please note the following simple procedures and policies:

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One of our friendly service representatives will be happy to help you with questions and with steps to proceed with the return process. They will assign you a mandatory Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and supply you with return address information.

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            For warranty information on PhoneSoap products please read the PhoneSoap Product Warranty.



            WARRANTY COVERAGE - Better Life Technology (BLT) warrants to the original purchaser (Buyer) only that vinyl mats and flooring product manufactured by Better Life Technology, will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for the lifetime of the product. THIS WARRANTY SHALL NOT APPLY AND NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND SHALL EXIST IF THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN SUBJECT TO ABUSE, MISUSE, NEGLECT OR ALTERATION OF ANY TYPE OR CAUSE. In addition, BLT is not responsible for defects resulting from improper installation or use, subfloor failures or irregularities, or from uses beyond design capability. In addition to the foregoing limitations, BLT’s limited warranty shall not cover surface stains including stains resulting from asphalt, driveway sealer and rubber wheels, defects resulting from improper maintenance or installation, damage from improper usage including, without limitation, burns, cuts, tears, scratches, scuffs, indentation damage from rolling loads, improperly castered carts, damage or discoloration from adhesive or floor care products not recommended by BLT, extended direct exposure to sunlight, excessive moisture, alkaline, hydrostatic pressure damage from the subfloor, mold or mildew, installation over gypsum based patching and leveling compounds or difference in color between samples or photographs and the actual flooring. BLT, in its sole discretion, shall determine whether or not the product is defective or otherwise covered or not covered by this warranty. No action for breach of this warranty may be commenced more than one (1) year after occurrence of the alleged breach. This warranty is not transferable. Customer must notify BLT of all manufacturer defects within 60 days of purchase. Proof of purchase date will be required. For warranty information, please call or write to: Better Life Technology Customer Service, 9736 Legler Road, Lenexa, KS 66219, Telephone 877-810-6444.

            Common G-Floor® Garage Flooring Installations

            Many customers inquire as to the best methods for installing G-Floor garage flooring. We have provided the following diagrams which demonstrate common installations for a single garage parking pad, double garage mat installation, or when three or more parking pads are being installed in the same space.

            G-Floor Single Parking Pad Installation

            See how easy it is to unroll and install!

            G-Floor Wall to Wall Installation

            Common accessories:
            When using any sort of trim, it is advised to leave a gap between the interior edge of the slot and the mat edge to allow for some floating of the mat due to temperature extremes. Do not overlap two mats together as this constitutes a tripping hazard, traps moisture, and could create buckling or warping.

            • Seam Tape – 4” wide, single-sided adhesive tape, applied on the underside of the flooring, that allows the customer to connect two pieces of flooring, but still lets the entire mat ‘float’ from contraction and expansion due to temperature.
            • Center trim – 4” wide double-slotted polyvinyl strip, meant to fit the ends of two mats together and cover the edges to prevent a trip hazard at the seam. Center trim will also allow the two mats to ‘float’ a bit to prevent buckling at the seam due to expansion or contraction from temperature extremes.
            • Edge Trim – 4” single-slotted polyvinyl strip which has a tapered edge to provide a more complete look to a flooring mat.
            • Threshold Trim – is a solid vinyl strip, which can be used with or without a G-Floor® mat. Threshold trim is 4” polyvinyl strip with a tapered edge and is adhered to the entrance of the garage to prevent drafts, accumulation of dirt, debris, bugs and water from getting into the garage.
            • Adhesive on concrete – G-Floor can be adhered to a concrete subfloor for a more permanent installation. Use an acrylic or water-based pressure sensitive adhesive, with an aggressive bond and permanent tack.

            Tips and Tricks:

            What is a “Floating Mat”?

            • A G-Floor mat that is unsecured, has no stationary objects on top of it and does not butt up against the wall, is considered a “floating mat”.


              What does “No Adhesive Required” really mean?

              • ‘No adhesive required’ applies when G-Floor is used as a Parking Pad. Simply roll it out and park your car / boat / golf cart / motorcycle / etc on the mat. If you’re leaving heavy objects on the mat for an extended period (such as a boat over the winter) you may experience buckling due to expansion and contraction in extreme weather changes.
              • When using G-Floor other than as a Parking Pad, adhesive may be recommended.
              • Choose an appropriate adhesive for the surface involved.
              • When G-Floor is used as a full floor installation, also known as wall-to-wall installation we would recommend adhesive be used.
              • We do not recommend using G-Floor on rubber, cushioned flooring, stripwood, gypsumbase underlayment or lightweight concrete.


                Leave a 1” gap from any wall or heavy object

                • When rolling out G-Floor, be certain to leave at least an inch of space from the edge of the mat to a wall or any heavy object like a cabinet or tool box. This will help prevent buckling or wrinkles.


                • Expansion and contraction

                • G-Floor is 100% polyvinyl in its construction and is prone to expansion and contraction due to temperature extremes. If it is not secured to the underfloor in some manner, it will move around slightly.
                • If you have heavy objects on the mat, and adhere the mat down completely, expansion and contraction issues will be avoided.


                • Should I use double sided tape?

                • Double sided tape should only be used on the leading edge of the mat, at the entrance of the garage, if needed. Most of the time, the parking pad is heavy enough and tape is not needed.
                • We do not recommend using double sided tape around the perimeter of any parking pad, as it can cause the center of the mat to buckle.


                • What if I have a drain in my garage?

                • If there is a drain in your garage, the drain will have to be considered when placing a mat or doing a permanent installation. For a permanent installation, a hole will have to be cut in the material corresponding to the drain before it is adhered to the concrete. Alternately, if there is a drain cover with screws to hold it in place, get a longer screw of the same size and cut a slightly smaller diameter hole in the mat than the size of the drain cover, then secure the cover back over the mat.


                • What if I have a pole in my garage?

                • Similar to a wall or heavy object, leave one inch of space from the edge of the mat to the support pole. The mat may have to be trimmed to accommodate this.


                If installing G-Floor® to a wood substrate, such as a trailer, please see our G-Floor Trailer Installation Instructions.

                What is your flooring made from?

                All of our flooring is 100% PVC polyvinyl.  

                What sizes does your flooring come in?

                Our standard size mats are 5' x 10', 7.5' x 17, 8.5' x 22', 8.5' x 24', and 10' x 24'.  Size availability may vary by pattern.  All mats are cut longer than stated to allow for contraction of material after the manufacturing process.

                How thick is your flooring?

                Thicknesses for our standard solid patterns are:
                Rib - 55 mil (.055") base/120 mil (.120") overall
                Diamond Tread - 75 mil (.075") base/130 mil (.130") overall
                Large Coin - 75 mil (.075") base/110 mil (.110") overall
                Small Coin - 60 mil (.065") base/90 mil (.090") overall
                Levant - 55 mil (.055") base/55 mil (.055") overall

                Can custom size mats be ordered?

                We offer custom cut sizes in our 7.5', 8.5' and 10' wide mats only.  Lengths can start at 5' and increase at 1' intervals up to 100'.  To place an order, please contact customer service directly at customerservice@GProductsllc.com or 1-833-801-9334.

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