September 2023 G-Floor Newsletter

Get Your Garage Ready for Snow and Salt

It's time to start planning for winter, and G‑Floor is here to help. Installing high-quality vinyl flooring in your garage protects your garage floor from road salt and makes cleanup easier

From the rugged Diamond Tread™ pattern to Ribbed™ that helps channel runoff like melting snow, there's a style for every garage.

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Organize Your Garage to Make More Space

G‑Floor runners are a great solution to garage storage problems. Use a garage runner to create a walkway between cars or a designated storage area for lawn equipment, wet boots, or cleaning supplies. This helps free up floor space, which makes more room for vehicles.

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Clear Floor Protector Mats

Floor Protectors: Epoxy's Best Friend

G‑Floor golf cart mats are the perfect companion to an epoxy floor because they add much-needed chemical resistance and extra durability to your floor without obscuring it. Also available in Midnight Black and Slate Grey.

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Seam Tape

When you want to join two pieces of garage flooring, single-sided seam tape is an indispensable tool. Just apply the waterproof tape to the backside of the seam and you've got a strong joint that won't break up the look of your garage floor.

Seam Tape
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Tips and Tricks

Both seam tape and center trim add a professional, finished look to a seam between two parking mats. When using three or more vinyl mats to cover a space, use only G‑Floor center trim to keep them in place and protect the seam. Don't use seam tape because it will lead the center pad to "buckle."


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: 55 mil? Is that 55 millimeters?

A: No... "mil" is an uncommon unit of measurement that's often used in the flooring industry. One mil is equal to one one-thousandth of an inch (0.001 inches), and a business card is about 10 mil thick. You may also see this measurement referred to as "mils" or "Mil."