August 2022 G‑Floor Newsletter

Up your Golf Game with a G‑Floor® Golf Cart Mat

For something a little smoother, the ceramic texture of this mat adds a distinct visual appeal. It won't take any strokes off your game, but it'll keep any leftover green, rough, sand, and oil and dirt off the street off your garage floor.

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motorcycle mat

Reserve Your Motorcycle's Place With a Motorcycle Mat

Available in 3' x 8' or 5' x 10' sizes. Tough, chemical-resistant G-Floor® vinyl means your subfloor is safe from oil and grease.

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Winterize Your Workshop With Ribbed Flooring

Our unique ribbed pattern traps debris in any climate, but it's especially good at channeling runoff out of your garage. The 65-mil grooves act as canals for melting snow to be contained to the mat and can easily be swept out of the garage.

Ribbed channel flooring
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G-Floor® Diamond Tread™ Lite: Durable and Saves You Money

This 7'6" x 14' size is perfect to fit under mid-size vehicles. Thinner than other G‑Floor® products, Diamond Tread™ Lite is a great option for protecting your subfloor at an economical price.

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Tips and Tricks

Remember to clean your G-Floor® to keep it looking like new. Simply use mild soap and water to remove most dirt and grime. Tire and brake cleaner or WD-40® can be used for heavier stains. Be sure test those in an inconspicuous spot first and rinse the mat after using harsh chemicals.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which pattern is best?

A: Designed as a multi-purpose flooring for almost any application, some G‑Floor® products work better for specific circumstances and environments. Read our blog post for the best uses for all five G‑Floor® surface textures.