GrowWall Greenhouse Wall Covering for a Higher Yield


Color: Absolute White
Size: 4.5' X 10'
Sale price$249.95


GrowWall® 35 mil, or 0.035” Thick Greenhouse Wall Covering. Durable, efficient 100% premium polyvinyl. Easy to clean, DIY installation. Hyper-reflective, anti-microbial and more.

Pick next-generation GrowWall® premium, polyvinyl, multi-use greenhouse/growroom wall covering to raise a cleaner, higher-yield crop with less time and green!

GrowWall is a unique wall covering purposely-designed for the horticulture industry to maximize indoor growing of all kinds. Manufactured in the USA of 100% durable, long-lasting vinyl that, unlike other greenhouse/growroom alternatives, resists scratches, tears, peeling and curling even under years of heavy use and challenging indoor growing conditions. Durable GrowWall protects walls from water, mold and mildew deterioration and is anti-microbial to keep harmful microbes, bugs and bacteria out. As a result, it creates an air-tight, sterile, lab-like environment for plants to flourish. GrowWall’s high-gloss, hyper-reflective top coat increases lighting efficiency by reflecting light throughout the growing space, resisting glare, hot spots and UV rays. Because of its insulating qualities, GrowWall helps reduce cooling costs, too. And because it is low maintenance, eco-friendly, repositionable and reusable, GrowWall puts even more green back in your pocket. GrowWall will transform growing for:

      •  Industrial greenhouses
      •  Plant factories
      •  Individual gardeners and residential greenhouses
      •  Traditional indoor farmers
      •  Organic growers
      •  Those utilizing hydroponic, aquaponic, or aeroponic methods

GrowWall is constructed of 0.035” thick, solid polyvinyl with a white, ceramic, reflective, high-gloss top coat.  It is available in DIY cut and fit roll-out and simply cleans up with a hose or any household/vinyl-friendly cleaner. Grow more and grow better by using GrowWall paired with GrowFloor for the maximum grow room experience!

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