<br> Which AquaTread® Marine Flooring is Right For You?

It’s time to upgrade your pontoon flooring with AquaTread®, yet you don’t know where to begin or what style to choose. Ranging from solid colors to intricate patterns, there is something to fit every boater’s style. Here is an overview of each collection to help make the decision process trouble-free.

Each of the three AquaTread® collections consist of a 100% polyvinyl wear layer with a non-woven spun bound backing.  Each mat has the Levant™ texture that feels smooth on your feet. All flooring is easy to roll out, waterproof, and resistant to gas, oil, odors and stains. This anti-microbial marine flooring won’t snag or peel and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

1. Solid

The Solid AquaTread® collection consists of three different color choices and is 75mil thick with a wear layer of 45 mil. Solid colors are perfect for a clean and luxurious look. The color options are…

  • Buckskin
  • Light Grey
  • Light Tan

2. Simplicity

If you’re looking for a fun pattern to spice up the appearance of your pontoon boat, this collection is the one for you. The Simplicity collection is thicker than the Solid as it’s 95mil thick with a 50mil wear layer. The following groups within Simplicity have a wide range of designs and patterns.

  • Coral Reef- inspired by the luxury look of granite, choose between Buff and Tuxedo.
  • Sea Breeze- inspired by coastal weave patterns, but without the snag of carpet or woven flooring. Choose between Bermuda Grasscloth, Empire Grasscloth, Seashore Grasscloth, and Pampas Grasscloth.
  • Surfside- inspired by fine fiber cloths and weaves, choose between Light Grey Unraveled, Light Grey Waves, and Light Tan.

3. Premier

The AquaTread® Premier collection is the thickest of the three. At 120mil thick with a 75mil wear layer, Premier simulates the look of real wood. The different colors, wood stains and wood patterns are…

  • Teak and Holly Light
  • Teak and Dark Holly
  • Weathered Teak and Dark Holly
  • Nutmeg Teak and Holly Light
  • Almond Teak and Dark Holly
  • Weathered Teak Slanted Lines
  • Weathered Teak and Dark Holly Vertical Lines
  • Weathered Teak and Holly Slanted No Lines
  • Teak and Holly Slanted No Lines
  • Teak and Holly Slanted Lines
  • Burnt Maple

Premier also features a wavy pattern inspired by timeless theater flooring called Theatre Off-White.

Look at each collection online and give your boat the seamless AquaTread® upgrade. For tips on how to install click here!