<br> Top 5 Reasons to Buy Boat Flooring Made in the USA

The #1 pontoon boat flooring is American-made AquaTread® Marine Flooring. AquaTread is a premium, marine-grade vinyl boat flooring product designed and manufactured in the Midwest by Better Life Technology (BLT).

BLT is the creator of G-Floor®, the top garage floor protector in the world. For 20+ years, BLT has been producing premium polyvinyl floor coverings for a variety of commercial and residential applications. In addition to the G-Floor Universal Flooring and AquaTread Marine Flooring brands, BLT also developed BILD™ Print Media, GrowFloor® and GrowWall™ greenhouse floor and wall coverings, and a full line of vinyl floor adhesives and accessories all Made in the USA. BLT is headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas, with production facilities in Emporia, Kansas, a community about 90 miles south of Kansas City.

Before you purchase a new watercraft or think about refurbishing a boat or pontoon, ask whether the products you are purchasing are Made in the USA. Here’s why:

#1 American Independence
Relying on exported goods from foreign companies creates a trade imbalance and just doesn’t make sense if you want to ensure the stability of the United States for future generations. We need to develop our own resources to avoid potential political complications and to remain a world leader. Look at the current tariffs imposed on countries like China, where so many goods we depend on are manufactured.  This 4th of July, maybe more than ever, buying products Made in the USA is a smart choice to avoid tariffs and show your American pride.

We are extremely proud to state that AquaTread Marine Flooring is entirely Made in the USA and free of any foreign tariffs. Not all marine flooring manufacturers can make this claim.

#2 Jobs and Economic Growth
You’ve heard it before and we’ll say it again, when you buy American-made products it creates more good paying jobs which in turn has a ripple effect in boosting the U.S. economy.

BLT takes pride in employing workers who support families and spend money within their local economies.

#3 Worker and Consumer Safety
The U.S. has stringent labor laws unlike other countries that employ children or workers receiving outrageously little pay for laboring 12-16 hours a day, 7 days a week in unsafe, sweatshop-like conditions. American workers are guaranteed an honest pay for an honest day’s work in highly-regulated environments. If you buy goods from many foreign countries, especially third world manufacturers, you continue to support this substandard human exploitation.

U.S. products are required to pass rigorous standards tests. With American consumer protection laws in place, you can be confident your safety is of the utmost concern. “Made in the USA” speaks of quality, craftsmanship and a far superior product than those imported from countries with lower manufacturing and labor standards.

AquaTread vinyl pontoon flooring passed thorough requirements to be certified as slip-resistant marine flooring and flame retardant boat flooring.
We are also proud of our FloorScore certification showing AquaTread meets the highest air quality standards for vinyl flooring. In addition, BLT developed its new industry-leading marine-grade top coat with MicroLock Technology™
for better stain- and UV-resistance, heat and blushing reduction, and easier cleanup.

#4 Environmental Impact
Products are cheaper to make in developing countries because they have few or no regulations to protect the health of citizens, the air or the water. U.S. manufacturing processes are generally cleaner and must meet environmental regulations. And goods made in places like China and India have to cross oceans to arrive on U.S. soil. That’s a lot of fossil fuel and carbon emissions to contend with, not to mention higher shipping and delivery prices.

BLT is committed to sustainable manufacturing and business practices.
Because AquaTread is manufactured and distributed from a central location in America’s Heartland, this saves on freight and shipping costs. AquatreadMarineFlooring.com orders ship direct from the manufacturer  Plus, less travel and lower fuel consumption to transport the goods translates into a lower carbon footprint.

#5 Higher Quality
We can’t dispute that products Made in the USA sometimes come with a higher price tag, but all the consumer and worker protections come at a cost. It is well-recognized that American products are far superior to those produced in foreign countries using inferior materials, and the longevity of U.S. goods often negates the higher price. We have all heard you get what you pay for…

AquaTread Marine Flooring is the most durable pontoon boat flooring on the market.

  • It is engineered-differently of solid, seamless, waterproof polyvinyl.
  • Its non-woven texture won’t snag or dent from fish hooks, anchors, heavy coolers, etc.
  • It is also resistant to fading from sun exposure and resists odors, salt, oil, gas, blood and guts, and the many other contaminants found in marine environments.
  • It comes with cushiony spun-bound backing for easy installation and is super easy to maintain.

Ask for AquaTread Marine Flooring by name and rest assured you’ll enjoy years of worry-free, low-maintenance boating fun from your vinyl boat flooring. Happy Independence Day!