<br> The Simplicity Collection of Vinyl Marine Flooring Offers Effortless Style, Exceptional Durability and an Endless List of Features and Benefits

AquaTread® Marine Flooring’s newest line of pontoon boat floor coverings is the easy, breezy Simplicity Collection. Simplicity’s Coral Reef, Surfside and Sea Breeze series provide the quality and appearance of fine fibers and coastally-popular granite without the expense and maintenance. With AquaTread Simplicity’s solid vinyl boat flooring line, boaters enjoy more fun in the sun and more time on the water. And Simplicity marine flooring’s beauty and performance sets your pontoon boat apart from all the others. See why pontoon renovators, boat OEMS and marine dealers choose the #1 pontoon boat flooring…

Presenting the AquaTreadflooring.com Simplicity lineup – Where the Beauty of the Sea and Shore Meet:

Coral Reef - Inspired by the high-end appeal of granite, AquaTread’s Coral Reef offers speckled shades to complement your boat’s existing color scheme.

· 95 Mil Simplicity Coral Reef Buff

· 95 Mil Simplicity Coral Reef Tuxedo

Surfside - Sumptuous patterns designed to emulate woven textiles highlight AquaTread’s Surfside collection. The Simplicity Surfside series also includes intriguing textured designs you won’t find anywhere else.

· 95 Mil Simplicity Surfside Light Grey Unraveled

· 95 Mil Simplicity Surfside Light Tan CC

Sea Breeze – With grasscloth’s appeal on shore, AquaTread’s Sea Breeze series brings a touch of the shore aboard in four stunning Sea Breeze weave looks and hues.

· 95 Mil Simplicity Sea Breeze Seashore Grasscloth

· 95 Mil Simplicity Sea Breeze Empire Grasscloth

· 95 Mil Simplicity Sea Breeze Pampas Grasscloth

· 95 Mil Simplicity Sea Breeze Bermuda Grasscloth

The entire Simplicity Collection of luxury boat flooring has a 50 Mil Wear Layer and comes with the Levant™ soft, buttery, leather-like textured finish for safety, comfort and even greater good looks. The above products come in sizes 8’ 6” wide and in lengths up to 75’.

Why choose AquaTread’s Simplicity Collection of top pontoon boat deck coverings?

1. Non-Woven 100% Polyvinyl Marine Flooring Through and Through We like to refer to the Simplicity Collection as “the weave without the snag!” What that means is that you get the high quality images of attractive fibers, weaves and textiles but our premium polyvinyl won’t snag from fish hooks, pet nails and other sharp objects.

2. Marine Grade Top Coat with MicroLock Technology™ Improved top coat is anti-microbial and even more UV-resistant for longer-term color and image protection and for greater overall durability. Special non-blush formula won’t show marks from wet towels, bathing suits, life jackets, coolers, etc.

3. Superb Moisture Protection

AquaTread® pontoon boat flooring is constructed of seamless, joint-free, impermeable solid polyvinyl. Water cannot penetrate above or below the deck protecting your boat from moisture, mold, mildew, rust and wood rot.

4. Unmatched Design and Durability

Sharp, beautiful images are printed underneath the vinyl, not on top or in between, and protected by an industry-leading wear layer so they won’t fade or wear off even under harsh marine conditions, extreme weather and heavy foot traffic.

5. Non-porous Surface for Quick and Easy Clean Up

AquaTread’s unique surface resists marine odors, salts, oils, gas, chemicals and stains often found on and around the water. Simplicity boat flooring doesn’t require tough scrubbing; simply use soap and water, a leaf blower, power washer, hose or vinyl safe cleaner.

6. DIY Installation 

In less than a day, you can have the boat floor of your dreams with AquaTread Simplicity. Our pontoon floor covering is designed with a revolutionary spun bound backing that grabs glue tight for ease of installation. AquaTread vinyl flooring rolls unroll and easily trim to fit with a utility knife.

7. UV Stable

Protects from harmful sun rays; advanced UV inhibitor holds color even longer.

8. Indentation Resistant

Heavy items such as anchors, coolers, etc. won’t crack, tear, split or peel AquaTread Marine Flooring. 

9. Cool To Touch

Even after hours in full sun, your flooring will remain the coolest thing on the boat. After a day in the hot sun, AquaTread registered as much as 13 degrees cooler on feet than woven boat flooring competitors.

10. Health and Safety

AquaTread® Simplicity meets all slip-resistance and flame retardant requirements. Our spun bound backing and Levant surface texture add comfortable cushioning under bare feet. Because AquaTread® is non-woven, you won’t be walking on any sharp, exposed grains either.

11. Manufactured in the USA

Purposefully-engineered in the American Heartland by Better Life Technology™, AquaTread® is tariff-free and uses the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes.

12. AquaTread Simplicity has You Covered

We offer a 5-year Limited Warranty and a 3-year UV Exposure Warranty. 

Now that you’ve discovered Simplicity’s superior styling and performance on the water, jump on board with the most durable pontoon boat flooring. AquaTread Marine Flooring’s Simplicity Collection offers the best boat flooring value under the sun!