G-Floor® Shower Pan Liner

One of the most valuable improvements you can make to a home is remodeling your bathroom. If you are in the market to renovate, remodel or restore your bathroom and are planning on installing a tile shower floor you will want to keep reading. 

With an average of 17.2 gallons of water used each time, your shower pan needs to have a waterproof membrane behind that beautiful tile.  

G-Floor® has done it again with another amazing protective product. Introducing Shower Pan Liners to G-Floor®.  An essential product for all tile shower installations, the G-Floor® Shower Pan Liner helps protect your home from leaks and seepage.  

What’s so special about these liners? 

  • Installed between the secondary motor bed and pre-slope mortar bed the tile and mortar, the liners are made of ultra-durable and flexible 40mil PVC for long lasting use.
  • The Shower Pan Liner will work for any concealed water application.
  • Available in multiple sizes, they can be easily trimmed to fit any size shower with a simple utility knife.
  • G-Floor® Shower Pan Liner meets ASTM Spec D4551.
  • Can be installed under tile, pebble, stone, marble, concrete, and even ponds. 

G-Floor® has a long history of producing durable PVC products. Since 1998, G-Floor® has been protecting millions of square feet in garages, boats, trailers, modular units, greenhouses/growrooms, and sheds. G-Floor® also has a line of print media that has covered millions of square feet of retail and commercial space.   

Although it’s a product that isn’t seen, it is very important in preventing damage. Keep your house and wallet happy with G-Floor®.  Order your Shower Pan Liner today from G-Floor.com


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