10 Practical Uses for G-Floor® 5’ x 10’ Vinyl Floor Mats

With many color options – Slate Grey, Midnight Black, Sandstone and some Clear – and a wide range of surface textures – Coin™, Diamond Tread™, Levant™, Small Coin™, channeled Ribbed™, Ceramic, Matte and even high gloss topcoats – G-Floor® 5’ x 10’ floor protector mats serve many roles. These smaller floor mats offer awesome durability, easy rollout installation and quick cleanup of oil, gas, vehicle fluids, garage liquids, chemicals and contaminants for years without replacement. Customers love the price and often send us their favorite uses for our functional, good-looking 5’ x 10’ garage flooring rolls:

1. Golf Cart Floor Protector for garages and storage sheds

2. Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) floor mat

3. All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) storage mat

4. Motorcycle Parking Pad®

5. Riding lawn mower mat

6. Motorized scooter parking mat

7. All sizes scooter storage

8. Kennel Mat for a fenced animal playpen floor

9. Small home gym exercise mat or fitness equipment mat

10. Greenhouse/garden mat for under multiple plants, stands or wherever you get wet and messy

As you can see, G-Floor® small floor mats aren’t only used for garage storage mats and leaky machine drip mats. They can move from the garage into the home with ease and simply roll up for storage when not in use. Think about 5’ x 10’ mats for utility room, large door mats, for pet and kid play areas and more! Send us your preferred floor mat use or reply in comments section below.