XL Oil Drip Mat – BUY IT NOW!

Sometimes you just need a larger oil spill drip mat under vehicles with one ongoing leak or lots of small drips. The absorbent splatterguard™ Extra Large Oil Spill Mat is sized to protect garage floors from slow leaks and messy stains from:

· Oil

· Coolant

· Transmission fluid

· Brake fluid

· Gasoline

Our splatterguard™ XL drip mat protects surfaces from costly discoloration and repairs thanks to its unique fibrous top and waterproof vinyl backing that helps contain damaging liquids, chemicals and corrosives.

Available in the handsome Checkerboard pattern in 36” wide x 60” long (3 feet x 5 feet), this design works great underneath cars, SUVs and more:

· Under all kinds of outdoor equipment and machinery – ATVs, UTVs, lawn mowers

· Countertops

· Tabletops

· Commercial door entrances

· Workstations

· Tool benches

· Under sinks

splatterguard™ containment mats pair nicely with our G-Floor® vinyl roll out flooring because they offer the same high-quality materials and craftmanship and offer unlimited uses for the garage, home or office. You’ll love the unparalleled protection, good-looks and easy care qualities of G-Floor® + splatterguard™. No adhesive is needed to install; trim to fit; move as needed. splatterguard™ won’t fray or tear, and also cleans up with a vacuum or broom.

Buy the splatterguard™ XL Oil Drip Mat now at a great price to protect your existing G-Floor® Universal Flooring or other surface finish and include our other great splatterguard™ small spill mats in your shopping cart. They are so affordable to replace that you might not want to clean them!