Turn your Garage into an Impressive Showroom

Think of the last time you visited a dealer showroom to shop for a new or used car. Remember how the overall appearance of the showroom showcased the glistening beauty of the automobiles it presented. The appeal of the showroom and how the vehicle appears in that setting can more often than not turn a prospect into a purchasing customer. Presentation matters from lighting to placement to the flooring throughout the space and underneath the car.

Any auto enthusiast can change the look of their garage to mimic that of the showroom floor just by giving their tired concrete garage floor a facelift with G-Floor® Ribbed Garage Flooring. If you’ve invested in a rare classic, a race car, a high-end performance sedan or just take stellar care and immense pride in your special mode of transportation, your prized possession deserves the royal treatment that only polyvinyl flooring can give.

G-Floor® Ribbed Pattern, 100% solid polyvinyl, roll-out flooring is the original foundation of the G-Floor product line. Although it performs like commercial grade, G-Floor Ribbed texture comes in a variety of aesthetically-appealing colors and sizes so you can display one motorcycle or a fleet of motorized vehicles from wall to wall in style. It’s also comfortable underfoot and insulates from weather and noise, too. Manufactured in the USA, G-Floor Ribbed is specially-engineered with a patented channel texture which aides in collecting water and debris for clean up at a later time. And those contaminants and moisture stay in the garage; the ribbed channels help avoid tracking into your indoor space. Moreover, this flooring is built to last and withstand extreme weather conditions and constant, rigorous use.

You can transform your garage into a showroom in under an hour with easy to install and easy to maintain G-Floor Ribbed Garage Flooring. Be the envy of your neighborhood, friends and family. Evoke memories of your last automobile shopping experience. With so many tangible benefits to G-Floor polyvinyl flooring, you can get creative with how you park and present your cars. And…G-Floor isn’t only for the garage - you can bring it indoors to highlight any space.