Relieve Some Stress and Take Advantage of National Garden Week June 7-13th!

Millions grow an indoor or outdoor garden of some size. During this pandemic, home and garden stores are breaking sales records. The hobby of gardening is soaring in popularity. If you’re thinking about planting, it’s not too late. And if you are an experienced grower and want to up your bounty, use National Garden Week as your excuse. Celebrate by...

Feeding Your Soul.

Gather family, teach children the benefits of the Earth and soothe stress by getting your hands in the dirt. We humans find comfort in turning over the soil, getting out in the sunshine and reaping the rewards from Mother Nature.

Planting a Victory Garden.

During other times at war, Americans planted Victory Gardens to grow their own food. This concept is making a big comeback against the war on COVID-19. Whether it is a way to create some normalcy and control in your life, or to literally sow your own vegetables for the table, Victory Gardens boost morale.

Picking Something New to Enrich the Experience.

If your garden happens to be a home indoor grow room or a larger greenhouse garden, we suggest these ideas to improve your grow space and your harvest.

 · GrowFloor® gardening floor + GrowWall® greenhouse covering – premium, durable, easy to use vinyl products that improve lighting efficiency, resist harmful UV rays and contaminants, and improve crops.


Here’s to green thumb therapy!