G-Floor® ‘works out’ for gyms, rec centers and every kind fitness/sports facility

Is your commercial gym flooring, recreational center flooring or community center flooring ready for the influx of new members in the New Year? The #1 resolution year after year for most people involves lifestyle changes geared towards health and fitness. That means your fitness center/sports facility is about to get a real workout in January and beyond!

Wherever people work hard and play hard, G-Floor® works even harder to protect athletes and the subfloor beneath them. G-Floor vinyl flooring rolls and vinyl floor mats are the top flooring solution for a wide variety of fitness facilities:

  • Commercial gyms (Home gyms, too!)
  • Rec centers
  • Community centers
  • Athletic clubs
  • Training facilities
  • Sports courts
  • Weight rooms
  • School gymnasiums
  • Locker rooms
  • Yoga studios
  • Dance studios
  • And more

Unlike rubber flooring that retains its odor long after installation, G-Floor is manufactured in the USA of 100% polyvinyl that’s easy on the senses. Our high-performance, premium polyvinyl is constructed without any fillers, layers or laminates which have a tendency to breakdown quicker over time or when wet. As a result, G-Floor is extremely durable, long lasting gym flooring that is waterproof, mold- and mildew-resistant and won’t crack, peel, dent, warp or curl under excessive use or weight. G-Floor is tough enough to drive a car on, so it will hold up to any heavy exercise equipment.

In addition to its performance and durability, G-Floor flooring for gyms offers recreational centers and community centers these important features: 

Subfloor Protection – G-Floor works to protect your investment, no matter whether your subfloor is concrete or a costly wooden gymnasium court. It will guard against damage from foot traffic, outdoor contaminants, sweat and water, the dropping of dumbbells, and dents and scratches caused from weight machines or a variety of community center floor uses.

Safety – G-Floor is slip-resistant and comfortable underfoot. It is easy on bones and joints, softening the impact of heavy exercise and demanding workout routines ultimately reducing injuries.

Shock and Sound Absorption – In addition to absorbing impact, G-Floor vinyl flooring mats prevent breakage if weights or other exercise apparatus accidently drop. It also acts as a sound buffer from dropping equipment and loud machines.

Versatility – With so many colors, patterns and sizes available, there is a G-Floor vinyl mat for every type of recreational floor or gym floor.

Low Maintenance – G-Floor vinyl flooring rolls simply unroll for DIY installation. Use one rollout vinyl mat under each piece of exercise equipment or utilize multiple vinyl flooring mats for wall-to-wall installation to cover your entire recreational center floor. No adhesive is necessary unless you decide to permanently install. G-Floor trims to fit with a utility knife and rolls up for easy storage when not in use. It is so easy to clean with just water.

Affordability – Vinyl flooring is one of the most economical and efficient ways to protect expensive new or refurbished gym floors. G-Floor provides exceptional value due to its easy care and ability to outperform and outlast other sports flooring.

Protect your gym floors. Provide comfort and safety to athletes with resilient recreational center flooring. Energize membership with new community center flooring.  Create Zen for yogis with G-Floor’s aesthetically-appealing exercise flooring. Make a resolution to add G-Floor vinyl flooring for your fitness facility in 2019!