Ask For It By Name: G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine Vinyl Flooring

You have a choice when it comes to your boat flooring options. Be sure to ask your boat dealer about G‑Floor® Outdoor & Marine vinyl flooring first before settling on any other flooring for your new boat. G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine is the world’s most durable boat flooring and the #1 pontoon boat flooring available.

Marine dealers and boat enthusiasts are choosing G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine as their top boat flooring choice for good reason:

Exceptional Durability: Constructed in the USA of 100% seamless polyvinyl without the fillers commonly found in other vinyl boat flooring, G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine is completely waterproof. By resisting moisture above and below its surface, G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine can’t be damaged by mold or mildew, and protects the substrate from spills and wood rot. With G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine, the most durable boat flooring, you’ll enjoy more years of fun in the sun without the worry of deterioration and replacement.

Non-Woven Material: the high-quality polyvinyl of G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine pontoon flooring won’t snag from dog nails or fish hooks, either. It will not dent from anchors or other heavy objects. G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine vinyl flooring withstands years of heavy use and years of heavy foot traffic.

Easy to Clean: Its nonporous surface makes G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine a cinch to maintain. Just sweep or spray out debris. No scrubbing needed. Plus… G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine resists oil, gas on other chemicals typically found on watercrafts, and it also helps keep marine smells at bay.

High Quality Graphic Images: Beautiful, clear images resemble rich teak, authentic holly and other high-end hardwoods. Our UV-stable top coat protects images from long-term sun exposure for better color and design retention. With nearly two dozen stunning patterns and colors to choose from, your eye-catching G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine pontoon flooring will turn heads.

As the top boat flooring, G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine vinyl flooring also meets slip resistant standards.

And, the premium material of G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine is cooler to the touch than other products found on pontoon boats. With our spunbound backing, G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine is so comfortable that you’ll want to spend even more time on the water than ever before.

Insist on the #1 pontoon boat flooring - G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine vinyl flooring.

Doesn't that boat's flooring look great?

Looking to renovate or restore your pontoon yourself? Good news! You can shop G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine and order online today.