5 Simple Steps to a Safe Garage and Work Floor  

While your G-Floor® polyvinyl flooring is manufactured with slip-resistant characteristics, any floor surface can become slippery if spills are left to accumulate. Simple clean up and regular maintenance will keep your garage and utility space free of moisture and debris, the everyday culprits that cause a majority of slips and falls. Some common sense and these easy steps will provide you with a safe environment for maximum enjoyment.

  1. Always wipe up dirt and water. Paper towel or a cloth work great. For tougher messes, G-Floor flooring is easily washed with mild floor soap and water.
  2. Brooms, mops and sponge squeegees are readily-available options for moving indoor debris to the outside.
  3. If using vinyl cleaner for stubborn stains, always look for non-slip vinyl protection options such as a clean-and-shine floor cleaner. Household vinyl floor cleaners also increase flooring longevity.
  4. For larger messes or for an overall deeper clean, flooring can be moved outdoors to hose off. Let dry completely before returning indoors.
  5. Never leave harsh chemicals sitting on flooring for long periods of time. To prevent damage and slips, clean up any oil, chemicals, or other fluids that might drip or leak from vehicles promptly. Dispose of hazardous materials properly. Never use tar remover or kerosene on any vinyl product.


Polyvinyl flooring is one of the most versatile, practical additions to any area because of its easy-care, low maintenance characteristics. So go forth and do what you do – your G-Floor 100% polyvinyl flooring will provide years of worry-free protection and performance.