<br> Ditch the Gross Boat Carpet for Gorgeous Vinyl Marine Flooring

Let’s face it… carpet and water don’t mix! When updating a pontoon or boat, watch out for these carpet pitfalls:

1. Carpet absorbs water.

2. As a result, it is prone to mold, mildew and deck rot.

3. Carpet stains easily.

4. Fiber frays and snags from fish hooks, pet nails, etc.

5. Carpet requires lots of upkeep including frequent shampoos.

6. Carpet fades under intense sunlight.

7. Fibers absorb fish and marine odors.

8. Carpet needs replacement often.

American-made AquaTread® ultra-durable polyvinyl offers attractive, comfortable flooring for boats and pontoons without all the effort and expense associated with marine carpet upkeep. In addition to saving time and money, low-maintenance AquaTread® offers:

1. Seamless, superb moisture protection; water cannot penetrate the deck.

2. Handles heavy foot traffic and objects without denting, cracking, chipping, flaking or peeling.

3. Anti-microbial top coat resists mold, mildew, rot and blushing.

4. Non-porous material resists odors, oil, gas, salt, fish stains and other liquids, marine chemicals and corrosives for easy clean up with soap and water.

5. AquaTread® won’t snag from fish hooks or pet nails.

6. AquaTread® is UV-stable for long-term color retention.

7. Luxurious designs are printed underneath vinyl to look like new for years.

8. AquaTread® is cooler to the touch than woven boat flooring.

9. DIY roll out, lay flat installation; trim to fit.

10. Slip-resistant and flame retardant.

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